Consumers at the helm

The Science shop conducted research into the preference of consumers for regional products in Wageningen.

The consumer cooperative CC2 of amongst others Buys & Ko, Wageningen is an active group of consumers who organized themselves to give voice to consumers of sustainable food in the region.A consumer cooperative is a new interactive way to fine-tune consumers preferences and supply & demand within their food supply. The board of CC2 is committed to support regional chains professionalization of regional food production and a new food community concept for the organic food shop Buys & Ko.

At the request of CC2, a research has been carried out on consumer preferences regarding these issues in the sustainable food segment. The aim of the study is to formulate consumer based policy concerning the supply of sustainable food in the region for the cooperation itself and for Buys & Ko. In this way the research can help to contribute to a more sustainable food policy based on the preferences of the consumer.