Continuities in Crisis: Everyday Practices of Disaster Response and Climate Change Adaptation in Mozambique

Luís Artur set out to answer the question how disasters and adaptation to climate change programmes are interpreted and acted upon by different actors in Mozambique. Mozambique is, by international development standards, a poor country and disaster management has a long history of being based on international ‘mercy’ and national ‘begging’. However, local disaster response practices are in fact little understood.

The research took an actor oriented approach, which focuses on actors’ agency and sheds light on the structural factors surrounding people’s everyday lives. The major conclusion drawn from this research is that disaster management in Mozambique involves the crafting of continuities in crisis by the different actors involved. People seek continuity in their livelihoods once disasters happen in institutions and their lives. Recurrent crises have shaped state formation in Mozambique and therefore have become part of the continuity or the long haul of historical transformations.

Promotor: Dorothea Hilhorst