Course Review | 2022 Online Winter School: Biotechnology, Agriculture & Food

Published on
March 21, 2022

Last January, from 14 -17, Wageningen University & Research organized the Winter School: Biotechnology, Agriculture & Food. This winter program is developed for young professionals and MSc/BSc students who are interested in gaining insights in agri and food – and broadening their knowledge and skills in these domains.

Online program with lectures and group work

This Winter School was conducted online, with 10 lectures covering cutting-edge technologies and trends in the animal production system, circular agriculture, agriculture food and nutrition. The 2-week program contained a total of 20 teaching hours and over 10 group-study hours.

High marks for the program

The program attracted 35 participants, who rated the course 4.7 out of 5 via the course participant questionnaire. The questionnaire furthermore exposed 96% of participants felt the online course met their expectations and 65% would recommend the online course to others.

Student reviews

The teachers inspired me with their introduction to cutting-edge biology, agriculture, food processing technology and latest research insights of Wageningen University & Research.
I gained new insights by learning about current and future trends in the field of agriculture and food for a deeper understanding of the environment, breeding, agricultural production, food processing, nutrition, and human health in areas such as technology innovation. I got to know Wageningen University & Research better and experienced solving problems as a multidisciplinary team with different points of view.
It broadened my horizon and expanded my knowledge with information I’ve never been exposed to before. I developed a new understanding of modern horticulture.

Next Winter & Summer Edition

In the summer of the 2022 an online edition will be hosted and the program is expected for the winter of 2023 as well. For more information about the editions click below.