Course Review | 2022 Online Winter School: From Farm to Fork

Published on
March 21, 2022

Last January, from 14 -17, Wageningen University & Research organized the Winter School: From Farm to Fork. This winter program is developed for young professionals and MSc students who want to broaden their knowledge and skills in agri and food –with a focus on livestock.

Online program with lectures and group work

This Winter School was conducted online, with 10 academic lectures covering cutting-edge technologies and trends in the animal production system, circular agriculture, agriculture food and nutrition. The 2-week program contained a total of 20 teaching hours and over 10 group-study hours.

High marks for the program

The program attracted 18 participants, who rated the course 4.54 out of 5 via the course participant questionnaire. The questionnaire furthermore exposed 100% of participants felt the online course met their expectations and 92% would recommend the online course to others.

Student reviews

I have learned about plant-based meat and 3D technologies etc, and also about meat production, including pork, beef, fish, etc. I was impressed by the level of automation in dairy farms in the Netherlands . With smart labels, they monitor the cattles' activities and habits. Furthermore, they have barns specially prepared for students to do experiments. More important, I gained a deeper understanding of modelling based on real methods, which is preferred over modelling based on imagination.

My bigger learning is in interdisciplinary studies one can mix epidemiology with economics, computer with ecology, etc. We should have a wider approach, utilizing more methods to solve problems.

I learned how to communicate and work with others. Lectures and virtual tours learned me about farms and advanced technology like sensors and robots. I developed a broad view of recent research. The 2030 program is very appealing.

Next Winter & Summer Edition

In the summer of the 2022 an online edition will be hosted and the program is expected for the winter of 2023 as well. For more information about the editions click below.