Student testimonial

Daniel Wondegebriel went to Ethiopia for his internship

Daniel Wondegebriel did his internship with the Relief Society of Tigray in Ethiopia from April to August 2012.

It enables you to get to know the real situation in developing countries.
Daniel Wondegebriel

I have a few ideas for future students who want to do an internship in Ethiopia. The information is based on my internship experience.

The first is to start looking for several organizations early and starting communication. In case you want to work in Ethiopia some recommended environmental organizations are Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority, Institute of Biodiversity Conservation, The Relief Society of Tigray (REST), and Universities. Good linkages with supervisors of the organizations before you leave Wageningen will have a positive impact on your stay in Ethiopia.

Since I wanted to gain experience in working at an environmental organization in developing countries, I chose REST, one of the local organizations involved in environmental rehabilitation. I think many studies on environmental sciences are from developed countries. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for the future students to work on developing countries. It enables you to get to know the real situation in developing countries. In Ethiopia, they do not apply environmental tools in general or ESA tools in particular. So, doing your internship in these areas helps you to apply ESA tools.

Finally, it is nice to spend some time outside Europe to see yourself in a different situation. Time in Ethiopia will give you the opportunity to learn more of the livelihood of the people, the awareness of the people to environment, meeting different people and experts working in environmental organizations, adopting different challenges. Lastly I recommend doing your internship in developing countries.

Recommended websites of environmental organizations in Ethiopia