Discourses and practices of mining reform initiatives for the Democratic Republic of Congo

This post-doc project constitutes an ethnography of policy-making at an international level: an inquiry into the discourses and practices concerning mining reform initiatives for the DRC. It considers how policy emerges, how different stakeholders interact, and what are their respective discourses and practices in public and private negotiation arenas.

I intend to investigate the negotiations and interactions around two concrete initiatives: the iTSCi project, which has been set up by the international tin industry, and the ICGLR initiative, which has been developed at the level of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region. Data will be collected through the use of qualitative research techniques, including semi-structured and in-depth interviews with key informants, and participant observation (through the attendance of workshops, conferences and debates on the issue of Congolese conflict minerals).

Supervisors: Dorothea Hilhorst, Gemma van der Haar