Economic and decision making aspects of livestock production and livestock diseases.

This permanent staff project is the umbrella under which various researches have been and are being performed respectively. They all relate to the central theme: economic and decision making aspects of livestock production and livestock diseases. Main approach is to carry out an economic analysis of the impact of various decision alternatives (e.g. control measures) on various levels of the production chain involved, to improve overall decision making. Use is being made of various approaches based on epidemiological and economic simulation modeling. Also other types of approaches are being used, e.g. Linear Programming, Dynamic Programming, Multiple Criteria Analysis and Stochastic
Efficiency Analysis. Results of these researches are particularly aimed at decision makers: individual farmers, sector authorities, national government and the European Union. The researcher is involved either as researcher or as project leader and supervisor of other researchers.

Current (c) and some main recent (r, covering the previous 5 years) projects include:

  • Prevention, monitoring and control of Avian Influenza (c);
  • Risk analysis on prevention of Classical Swine Fever (c);
  • Control and prevention of Bovine Virus Diarrhoea (c);
  • Prevention and control of Classical Swine Fever (c);
  • Monitoring of Leptospirosis Hardjo on Dutch cattle herds (r);
  • Control strategies against Pseudorabies in swine (r);
  • Quality assurance and food safety in pig production (r);
  • Quality assurance programs for Paratuberculosis (r);
  • Entrepreneurship in Dutch dairy farming (r);
  • Salmonella control in Dutch pig production chains (r);
  • Improvement of identification and recording systems for livestock (r).