Egyptian-Dutch Advisory Panel on Water Management

The Advisory Panel started as TA within the framework of the construction of the High Aswan Dam and evolved into a think-tank on a broad range of water issues.

The main objective of the project (1976-2011) was to assist, in an advisory capacity, the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI) in carrying out its responsibilities with regard to managing the water resources of Egypt more efficiently and effectively.

The work of the Panel was based on information generated from the field in general and from the Dutch-financed projects in particular, as well as on experience from The Netherlands and other regions of the world. The Panel provided a unique science-policy-interface, as an effective two-way conduit between the field and the policy making level.

The broad Panel achievements include solutions for technical problems; developed water management capacity (both human as well as institutional); provision of institutional support to the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation as well as the National Water Research Centre; establishment of a Gender Focal Point in MWRI; recommendations towards improved policy and management of water resources; recommendations towards water quality management; support to policy development; etc.