First International Conference on Global Food Security

A multifaceted problem: How can the world feed its children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in a future facing an ever-growing global population, poverty, growing scarcities of drinking water and agricultural land, and of course the elusive climate change? And at what price? Nobody knows the answer. For this reason, Wageningen University and scientific publisher Elsevier have taken the initiative and invited six hundred scientists from 65 countries to come to the first ever global conference on food security in Noordwijkerhout in search of solutions within their own field. They will spend 29 September to 2 October giving their views and discussing these and many other related issues.

Organised by Elsevier

Sun 29 September 2013 until Wed 2 October 2013

Venue NH Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijkerhout

We aim to better understand economic, social, biophysical, technological and institutional drivers of current and future global food security, and will address food production and access, and the trade-offs between competing environmental, economic or social objectives and outcomes. The First International Conference on Global Food Security conference aims to deliver state-of-the-art analysis, inspiring visions and innovative research methods arising from interdisciplinary research. Join us in this exciting opportunity to ensure that the best science is garnered to support the emergence of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The conference has a mix of plenary and parallel sessions. We reserve ample time for discussion and interaction to stimulate a lively conference and opportunities for synthesis. The scientific committee will ensure speakers have sufficient time for each presentation, rather than many, very short presentations. As a consequence we encourage contributors to co-author papers and to regard participation in discussions and synthesis as a stimulus to attend the conference. There will also be poster presentations and (software) demos – these will be integrated in sessions through brief introductions. We encourage young scientists to offer papers or posters.

Topics List

Global Food Systems

  • Yield gaps and their agro-ecological and socioeconomic dimensions
  • Food chains, certification for sustainability, fair trade, biofuels
  • Buy local and food miles? Food self-sufficiency at local, national, continental or global scales?
  • Trade and economic aspects
  • Alternative agricultures (intensive systems, agroecological approaches, coastal and saline agriculture, speciality crops)
  • Aquaculture, harvesting the oceans, fish ponds

Competing claims on natural resources

  • Biofuels
  • Competition between agriculture and nature
  • Land sparing, land sharing, land grabbing
  • Water

Too much and too little – food access and nutrition

  • Obesity and hunger
  • Food quality
  • Food availability versus purchasing power
  • Food quality and processing (involvement of industry)

Lost harvest and wasted food

  • Post-harvest
  • Processing losses
  • ‘Coordination losses’ in the food chain (sell by dates etc)


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