Foucault, Luhmann and Latour: theories and practices of object formation in governance

By Martijn Duineveld - In this project we develop a theoretical and conceptual framework for studying object formation and stabilisation.

Revisiting Foucault, Luhmann and Latours theories and concepts of power/knowledge, discourse, systems and actor-networks, we conduct a series of detailed studies and analysis of the process of emergence, solidifying and institutional embedding. We make a distinction between sites, paths and techniques of object formation. To study object formation in more detail we distinguish three techniques: reification, solidification and codification. The techniques of object formation are accompanied by three techniques of object stabilisation or irreversibility, which increase the likelihood of object survival: objectification, naturalisation and institutionalisation.

Research Group: Martijn Duineveld
dr. Kristof van Assche

dr. ir. Raoul Beunen