From Fossil Resources to Biomass: A Business and Economics Perspective

Discover how to use microorganisms and catalysts to create biobased products, and how to market and sell those products in a profitable business model. This MOOC is part of the MicroMasters Biobased Sciences for Sustainability.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research
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Fri 8 May 2020 until Tue 2 February 2021

Tue 6 October 2020 until Tue 1 June 2021


Tue 6 October 2020 until Tue 16 March 2021

Tue 2 February 2021 until Tue 13 July 2021

Duration 5 weeks, 20-28 hours per week
Location Online
Price description Free
Certificate Course materials free, add a verified certificate for €130

Content of the course

Explore how to create a sustainable future by moving away from dependence on fossil to biomass resources for the production of food, chemicals, and energy-carriers. The key is using microorganisms and catalysts to create biobased products. In this course, you will focus on the end of the supply chain and how to market and sell those products within a profitable business model.

Join this course if you want to advance your career and get the latest academic knowledge on creating a more sustainable biobased future. After this course, you will have an improved understanding of other relevant disciplines, and be able to better communicate outside of your own field of expertise in chemistry or technology. You will get a solid foundation of relevant concepts in the biobased economy and biobased products such as:

  • An introduction to biobased sciences
  • Achieving sustainability
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Business Logistics and supply chains
  • Economics and regulations

What you will learn

  • Understand the concept and importance of the biobased economy and the value of biobased products
  • Assess sustainability issues for a given biobased case
  • Decide how to implement a consumer point of view during the development of a biobased product
  • Understand commercial, financial and organizational aspects of running a biobased business
  • Understand the complexity of logistics of biobased value chains
  • Identify and qualitatively assess the major economic implications of different kind of regulations for the future of the biobased economy

MicroMasters Chemistry and Technology for Sustainability

This MOOC is part of the MicroMasters Chemistry and Technology for Sustainability, which is a programme that enables you to discover new resources and help your company make the switch from fossil to renewable, biobased resources. 

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