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Fuyong studied in Vienna and Wageningen

Fuyong Li from China participated in the EMABG programme from 2010-2012. He studied one year at BOKU in Austria and continued the second year at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Fuyong from China
The EMABG programme provided a good preparation for achieving my goal to pursue a PhD position.
Fuyong from China

Fuyong was born in China. He was fascinated by animal genetics in high school. He did the Bachelor program of Agriculture in Animal Science in Northwest A&F University, China. Afterwards, he sought to experience higher standard of education in Europe and gained the opportunity to join the EM-ABG program. “I found out about the program via the internet. The 5 involved universities of this program have the most advanced education and research level in terms of Animal Breeding and Genetics, which is extremely beneficial for my knowledge and ability improvement.”

During the first year of the EM-ABG program, Fuyong went to BOKU in Vienna. “My first year study experiences in BOKU are memorable and awesome. Here we could make our study plans ourselves, so I took various courses in different fields including Molecular Genetics, Quantitative Genetics and Biological Science. I also acquired an internship chance in the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (Vetmeduni) to learn some laboratory skills in respect of Molecular Genetics.” During his second year, Fuyong has studied in Wageningen. “First, I have done an internship to prepare for my MSc thesis in the field of Dairy Cattle and Milk Science. Then, I followed some courses which prepared me for my future research. Afterwards, I did my MSc thesis .”

Next to the quality and the possibilities in the EM-ABG program, Fuyong also liked to study in Europe. “This program enables me to experience multinational European cultures. I built good friendships with numerous colleagues from different countries. Now I possess great friends from all over the world.”

Fuyong always aimed at doing a PhD after finishing the EM-ABG program, and he has found that position at the University of Alberta, Canada in the department of Agricultural, Food and Nutrional Science.  “This learning and research experience could build a strong platform for my future study. Pursuing pursue a PhD and being a scientist in this area has always been my career goal. The EM-ABG program provides me a good preparation for achieving this goal.”

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