GAP monitor: crowd sourcing to support yield gap analysis

Data availability often limits a detailed assessment and explanation of yield gaps and resource use (in)efficiencies. The objective of this project is to develop innovative bottom up methods like crowd sourcing which use the opportunity if global access to mobile phone networks and internet to make agriculture related data already available on most farms, accessible to a larger research community.

The project will result in an improved understanding how agricultural uses communities can be engaged in bottom-up data collection, e.g., by providing free remote sensing and modelling products in return. As part of the proposed crowd sourcing approaches, open web-based platforms will be developed as a mechanism for agricultural user communities to jointly collect, retrieve and visualize relevant data which is used as input for the Agricultural Benchmarking Atlas. In specific case studies with a geographical focus in Western- Europe, West-Africa and Asia, these approaches will be evaluated and collected data will be fed into research related to farm-level yield gap analysis (theme C1) and the assessment of manure management at regional scale (theme B2). Specific attention will be given to development of methods for data quality control including the development of an user rating system and the inclusion of training elements in the exchange platform. Based on the experiences from the case studies, a sustainable mechanism for bottom-up data collection as input for the Atlas will be established and implemented, including scaling from local to global application. Execution of the project will be a cooperation between ESG, PSG and ASG.