Thesis subject

MSc thesis subject: Surface table and participatory planning

The Map table has been introduced to become a different interface of man and digital base d information. Instead of the one to one interfaces of smart phones and the one to many interfaces the smart tables offers options to have real round table sessions to discuss by using drawings, maps, etc..

The personal relations during such a meeting are more close and the information in need could be constantly available. There are currently projects in which the map table could play an important role. These projects are linked to the education in which participatory planning plays a major role and to participatory planning for specific response groups. Both projects run the 2nd half of 2011.


  • Define a user- interface in support of a specific planning case.
  • Define a tool the measure the interaction.
  • Test the interface and measuring tool.
  • Apply interface and measuring tool in a case study.
  • Analyse case study results.

Theme: Society, Space and Decision