Thesis subject

MSc thesis subject: Participatory Planning - Role of augmented reality

Due to the latest mobile technology and web developments augmented reality becomes a serious option for participatory planning. Discussing and evaluating changes in the landscape may be done on location.

The MSc thesis project (Han Zhou, 2006) describes the first developments of augmented reality in favour of field based studies and interaction. Recently the VISCOM-project (Bulens et al., 2010) created an augmented application based on the Layar platform.

Form these experiences many ideas and problems in relation to locations, position, visualization, time and interaction come forward.


Starting from the existing materials and literature (eg Nothelfer, 2005) a design for application improvement has to be made. Special attention must be given to graphic and geometric quality and location / position an experiment with different conditions has to be defined to measure the role of mobile technology regarding spatial awareness. Alterra – CGI staff will support.

Experiences gained

  • Develop an experimental setting
  • Adapt an application
  • Analyze acquired data
  • Propose direction of development
  • Write scientific paper, based on existing draft manuscript; colloquium


Interactive location based service, landscape planning, 3D visualization, Knowledge of GIS.


To analyse and improve the current Layar-like application to support participatory planning.

Theme: Society, Space and Decision