Thesis subject

MSc thesis subject: Public space in urban configuration - the greening factor

The role of GIS analysis in landscape architecture and city planning is still rather limited compared with landscape planning. In previous decennia the reason could be missing adequate data. Since the recent versions of Open source data and Authorized data this is no longer a serious issue.

It seems that a lack of methods to analyse the landscape configuration and urban fabric is more of concern. On the other hand there is a worldwide request to measure public space of cities to find locations and areas to ‘green’ cities to improve city living and to adapt climate impacts on city live. Especially in urban studies many options and methods to analyse city configurations have been opted.  Recently Berghauser Pont (2010) has published the Space Matrix variables to measure urban space. Before, studies like the ones of Josselin de Jonge intend to measure the amount of ‘green’ public space.


  • To explore space matrix variables by:
  • The development of GIS based applications;
  • The application on case study areas;
  • The comparison with other methods and previous results

Theme: Society, Space and Decision