Alumni testimonial

George Lubbe

"Wageningen UR has a hell of a position as a knowledge centre in the field of agriculture and food. They must build upon this. And I like to contribute by strengthening the relationship between Wageningen UR and the business community."

As graduates we can be asked to make contribution; Wageningen gave us an excellent education.
George Lubbe,agricultural economics, graduated in 1963

George Lubbe studied agricultural economics at Wageningen University and after graduating in 1970, he went to work for Unilever. He then worked for various companies in the industry until in 1982 he returned to Unilever as a member of the Board of Directors of UTD, a fodder company. In 1986 he bought the company along with a few colleagues. When the company was acquired by Nutreco in 1998 and was merged with Hendrix, George joined the Board and became responsible for integration processes. From 2001 until his retirement in 2004 he oversaw the Benelux.

"My feelings for Wageningen are too strong to turn my back on them."

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