Great Dutch Student Championship

During the Groot Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap (GNSK - the Great Dutch Student Championship), 1500 athletes from various Dutch university teams will compete for the title of “best student team in the Netherlands”. This competition involves permanent sports such as football, tennis, basketball, badminton, hand ball, fencing, volleyball, and squash as well as for a number of select sports that change each year.

With approximately 1500 athletes, overseers, and volunteers, it is one of the largest student sporting events in the Netherlands. In 2018, Wageningen will host the 60th edition of this event. The winners of specific sports are even allowed to participate in the European competitions in 2019. In addition to one winner per sport, the total scores will be calculated so that one university wins the entire GNSK.

Athletes will compete in the various sports for the title of “Nederlands Studentenkampioen” (Dutch student champion). There will also be a general ranking for each city. The winning city will hold the title of “Beste Studentensportstad van Nederland” (Best student sport city in the Netherlands) for one year. It is an annual competition for the prestige of being the city that produces the best athletes.

In addition to the title of “Nederlands Studentenkampioen”, there is the extra incentive of increasing the performance of the athletes. In 2018, the various champions will be able to go up against other European students in their sport.

In addition to the sports and the additional programme, there will be a spectacular opening on Friday 8 June, which will kick off the GNSK with a bang. After this, there will be a gathering for all the athletes, volunteers, sponsors, and other invitees. On Saturday 10 June, a big celebration will be held for all athletes and volunteers to round off the event. The GNSK consists of several, annually recurring sports as well as rotating athletic events.

The permanent GNSK sports:

The rotating sports in 2018 are:
•Beach korfball
•Ultimate frisbee

Each year, several demo sports will be presented as well. This enables new sports to be introduced.

This year will showcase the following demo sports:
•Knotsball (Thymos)
•Live table football (demonstration: no; clinic: yes)
•Pole dancing (WSPV Allegra)

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