Health and the Natural Environment

The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture has funded a project coordinated by the Speeldernis in Rotterdam to explore possibilities for so-called natural playing fields in the city. Two important partners in this project are the Municipal Health Service of Rotterdam and the WUR Expertise centre “Green, agriculture and health”. This project is linked to policy developments in the area of overweight prevention, green cities, norms for playing space, power districts (krachtwijken) and childfriendly communities.

Although there are many green options in cities this project is focused on playing fields and informal spaces. In general there is a positive attitude towards more natural playing fields in cities and there are many national and international models of good practice (eg. Scandinavia, Belgium, Germany and England). This good practice can inspire people and policy makers.

The step from inspiration to actual realization of natural playing fields is not easy. This step requires extra attention which is the main focus of the project.

Dossier: Spelen in Natuur