Helmond climate neutral

Production of sustainable energy from manure and other biomass; Options and combinations of digestion in the Helmond region.


The Energy Club Helmond Region (ECHR) has the goal of a CO2 neutral region for the town Helmond and surrounding towns. Therefore the ECHR asked the Science Shop of Wageningen UR to do research to the question to what extent the fermentation of manure and biomass in Helmond region can contribute to more sustainable energy production. This report describes that exploration. An investigation has been done to the initiatives in this area, to the possible links and win-win situations. This shows that manure and/or co-digestion material have a positive contribution to sustainable energy production and that the efficiency of the utilization of this energy (heat, biogas, electricity) can be increased by linking initiatives. There appears to be a large number of initiatives in the region, but the implementation in practice is difficult. Causes seem particularly: finances, permits and one man actions. There is a lot of enthusiasm, but cooperation should clearly still be sought and good business is essential. For the Helmond region proposals are done to connect (and how to connect) current initiatives. Based on these opportunities a rough sketch is given to develop a business case ("vision") for a limited area in the region Helmond (Canal Zone), where many initiatives can be connected via gas or heat networks. To test this vision a workshop was held with stakeholders in this area.

To reach this business case, it is necessary that an area plan for energy supply for the long term is drawn up with the elements: fermentation of manure, infrastructure, thermal storage, greenhouses, geothermal, solar thermal, marketing and use of residual heat energy. The companies can take steps, which fit in this vision. This also means that concrete decisions will be made about the right direction. This gives entrepreneurs clarity and shows which initiatives are worthwhile to develop at this time, fitting within the long-term vision.

The ECHR wants to continue stimulating the sustainable development of energy supply in the region. For successful realization of a business case a consortium must be formed to shape the plans and to find the necessary financial resources to invest. The ECHR will promote to make such a consortium. The ECHR will be working closely with others, for example the Business Parks Foundation, the SRE and the municipality of Helmond, with the present underground infrastructures.