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Hospitality English

Are you the first point of contact for university staff or students? Are you increasingly required to speak English in your job? Would you like to do so in a confident and customer-focused manner? Then our Hospitality English course is just the thing for you!

Target groups

This course is intended for the following Wageningen University & Research and professionals from outside the University:

  • Front desk & reception staff, Outpatient department staff and Secretarial staff
  • Porters and security staff
  • Catering staff

The maximum amount of participants for this course is 9.

Course level

Hospitality English: on the way to B2 (CEFR)

Course content

The course consists of several modules. Each participant will take the standard modules covering the basics of communicating in English. In consultation with the teacher, you also will choose several job position-specific modules to complete the course programme. All modules focus on the verbal skills you need in your daily work practice. However, during the course you will also spend time on reading skills using department-specific material when possible.

Standard modules (for all participants)

  • Polite greetings, small talk
  • Giving general instructions
  • Checking & clarifying information
  • Generally polite & helpful phrases

Job position-specific modules

Front desk & reception and secretarial staff

  • Instructions on how to use the printer, coffee & snack machines
  • How to pay for parking/where to park
  • How to give directions around the campus
  • How to make, confirm and check room/equipment reservations
  • How to take and check details: names, addresses, numbers, email addresses etc. (both face-to-face & online)
  • How to assiste in an emergency

Porters and security staff

  • How & where to park cars, bikes, bring delivery trucks etc.
  • How to check details of reservations of room/equipment reservations
  • How to take details/handle complaints of faulty equipment etc.
  • How to assiste in an emergency
  • How to handle thefts (take details/reassurance etc)
  • How to confirm identities

Catering staff

  • How to take reservations & confirm numbers
  • How to check requirements for an event
  • How to offer further services
  • How to handle complaints/deal with expectations of resources available
  • How to discuss special requirements, including knowledge of dietary requirements & allergies
  • How to provide assistance during events

Thanks to the different available modules, the course can easily be tailored to suit specific departmental requirements and job functions in and outside WUR.


The course meets each week for 10 weeks. Each class is 1.5 hours.  You will be expected to spend 2 to 4 hours on homework each week.

Course material

Course material will be posted on Blackboard. Students need to have access to a computer and the internet to download the material. For some modules, additional handouts will be given in class.   

Dates and times

Start date End date Day Time
3 March 12 May Wednesday 13:00-14:30


To receive a Wageningen in'to Languages certificate, a minimum attendance of 80% is required.


Employee fee: € 555 (Excluding course material)
Regular fee: € 650 (Excluding course material)

Prior to registration: placement test

For Hospitality English an OOPT score of at least 40 is required. You can apply for the online OOPT by emailing us at You will then receive an email containing a login code and an explanation of the test. You can take the test when it suits you. We advise you, however, to do so at your earliest opportunity. Tip: Make sure you are able to take the test without being disturbed. The test lasts a maximum of 80 minutes. It is not possible to pause the test and finish it at a later time. The test contains a listening component. Please use good headphones or speakers to listen to the audio fragments.

Test completed? Please send an email to so we can share your results with you. If you have any questions about this test, you can reach us via + 31 (0) 317 48 25 52 or