How are innovations in the Agrofood sector going to scale?

In this project LEI Wageningen UR, Applied Plant Research, and the Centre for Development Innovation collaborate to develop a methodology for comparative analysis of transitions towards sustainable food provision in Europe and Africa.

Agrofood is one of the nine economic sectors in the Netherlands selected by the Dutch government as a key sector for development and innovation. The Agrofood sector in the Netherlands aspires to be a strong sector excelling in innovation and productivity. The sector aims to strengthen its international position by investing even more in knowledge and innovation. Furthermore, it is committed to engaging in joint actions, measures and innovations that contribute to generating food security worldwide.

Innovation is a leading theme in this investment policy. The two year strategic research project ‘Innovation systems and scaling in practice’ introduced in this project brief and implemented by Wageningen UR broadens the perspective on innovation by zooming in on how novel practices spread or multiply: how innovations scale?