IS Academy Short Film Project

The IS Academy Short Film Project seeks to draw attention to socioeconomic life and interventions in ‘fragile’ settings. In situations moving from conflict to post-conflict, local people do their best to survive and make a living. At the same time, intervening agencies are also doing their best to support local people and improve their situation. Nevertheless, at the interface between these two processes, it often turns out to be difficult to connect the activities of intervening agencies to local people’s own initiatives, and to connect the exact needs of local people to the support offered by external interventions. It is this gap that this film project seeks to bring to the forefront.


  • Bring across the message that it is important to understand processes of socioeconomic recovery in ‘fragile’, post-conflict spaces, in order to work with what already exists on the ground
  • Illustrate the IS Academy: the interaction between policy makers, researchers and practitioners, and how this plays out in practice

Target audience

The short films are targeted at partners of the IS Academy, as well as development practitioners in general, policy makers, donors, and academics.


The project will result in two short films. These films are linked to two of the PhD research projects in the IS Academy: Mr Rens Twijnstra's research on entrepreneurship in South Sudan, and Ms Winnie Wairimu's research on food security in northern Uganda.

  1. Returnee entrepreneurs in Juba, South Sudan: the film will show how they manage to run a business in the complex environment of a newly-born state, and how international interventions do or do not manage to support their development.
  2. A food security project of ZOA in Pader district, northern Uganda: the film will show the complexity of carrying out a food security intervention in a fast-changing environment, bringing into focus both the needs of the local people, as well as the view of NGO staff.