ISRIC Library website revised

Published on
April 22, 2013

The website from the ISRIC World Soil Information Document Database has been completely revised. The ISRIC World Soil Information Document Database is the online database from van ISRIC - World Soil Information and is powered by Wageningen UR Library, but nicely integrated in the ISRIC website.

The database contains around 8.000 (digitized) maps and 15.000 reports and books on soils, but related geographic information on climate, geology, geomorphology, vegetation, land use, and land suitability is also collated. The site has recently received a new, easier-to-read lay-out and the search function has been considerably improved. Have a look!

The site now allows users to search for publications in a Google-like fashion and to refine their search results according to country, region, keyword, documenttype, digital map, full text report, publication year, author/editor and language.

The new site also looks cleaner and is better organized: site navigation at the top of the screen with three search entries:

Subscription on the ISRIC Newsfeed on reports and maps by Email or RSS is available.

Photo: Carte de la Vegetation Naturelle et de l'Occupation du Sol Burkina Faso. Source: