Informational governance on marine environmental protection

Seas and oceans are heavily exploited by different kinds of human activities. In the governance of these spatial claims on the marine environment, information is becoming a crucial feature.

Information on the state of the marine environment is produced and used by various, interdependent actors on multiple levels and in difference governance arrangements. At the same time, information can (and does) structure and transform processes, institutions and practices in political decision-making. The concept of informational governance points at the role(s) of information in the governance on marine environmental protection.

The aim of this project is to understand informational governance in processes of marine policy making and decision making, and to assess the potentials and problems in marine environmental governance through information. Informational governance refers to a new mode of governance at sea, which is different from conventional environmental governance through regulations and enforcement.

The focus of the research is on the role of information in settling spatial tensions at the North Sea.