Institutional change in artisanal mining

My research focuses on the mineral sector in Eastern DRC which is being formalized. Since formalization initiatives aim at improving its governance, my research question is: how have mining formalization attempts affected institutional change and which influence have they had on négociants and miners’ livelihood strategies in artisanal mining sites?

This research project takes an actor-oriented and social networks approach, focusing on the so-called 'n├ęgociants' or middlemen in the mineral supply chain. Based on the above  approaches, I intend to assess the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the iTSCI-project as one of mining formalization initiatives that are being implemented in artisanal mining sites in the Northern Katanga.

Researcher: Claude Iguma Wakenge

Supervisors: Dorothea Hilhorst, Koen Vlassenroot, Jeroen Cuvelier