International Dairy Nutrition Symposium 2012

The International Dairy Nutrition Symposium is annually organized by the Centre for Animal Nutrition.

This year the symposium was co-organized by Utrecht university, Balchem Corporation, Dairy Campus and the Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences on the subject of “Nutritional management in early lactation”.


Download abstracts and presentations

Title Speaker
Central regulation of Feed intake in early Lactation Björn Kuhla, Leibniz Institute for Farm Animal Biology abstract (76,95 kb) presentation (1,76 mb)
Absorption capacity of the rumen of dairy cows during transition Roselinde Goselink, Wageningen UR Livestock Research abstract (76,08 kb) presentation (1,73 mb)
Lipid supplementation and hepatic metabolism in relation to health and fertility José Santos, University of Florida abstract (79,86 kb) presentation (2,46 mb)
Dairy Campus: Centre for Innovation, Education and Research for the Dutch Dairy sector Kees de Koning, Dairy Campus abstract (902,67 kb) presentation (1,65 mb)
Protein and fat mobilisation in dairy cows Saskia van der Drift, Animal Health services Deventer abstract (76,93 kb) presentation
Dietary protein as regulator of energy metabolism in early lactation Stephen Whelan, University College Dublin abstract (77,51 kb) presentation (1,18 mb)
Nutritional Support in Early Lactation Ric Grummer, Balchem Corp. abstract (72,63 kb) presentation (741,07 kb)