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Joe: Sea Gold, Sunday 1 April

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April 1, 2012

So what’s new, well we caught a megamouth shark (Harengus erythraeus) today, 5 meters long!

We put it back alive of course, using all the bed linen wrapped around the fish tied to the crane. It was a grand sight!


We are well into the trip at the moment, as we have already done 9 hauls. Most of them with a lot of Blue Whiting and not too many deep sea fish. Even so at least 25 different species have already been identified. Some are very easy to identify and have unique features, like bright red light organs or very sharp and distinct looking teeth. We can be thankfull of that most of these don’t get much bigger than 30 cm!

Others look very much the same and have to be identified by features not directly visible to the eye, like ‘gill-rakers’.


During all this identifying of species there has to be some time for food, which is great on board! Especially when the mackerel caught with the Blue Whiting is freshly smoked on deck and brought down into ship like ‘Sea-Gold’. Everyone had a couple before and after lunch.


The 2nd of april will start off with a deep sea trawl at around 1000 meters along the continental shelf. That’s when we won’t be catching much Blue Whiting but we will be a great number of deep sea species! It will be a lot of work, but the pictures will show it was worth it!