Journal Publication System (OJS)

Journal Publication System

Does this sound familiar? You would like to publish an electronic journal and you need an online platform with an archiving system?

The solution: Open Journal System (OJS)

The Library offers facilities to publish journals and conference proceedings using Open Journal Systems. With this online platform it is possible to use an archiving system with several search options. For journals the review workflow and author registration can be built within the facility.


  • Full-text indexing and search options;
  • Archiving is possible on year, journal number and articles;
  • The author index is automatically constructed;
  • It is possible to start and publish your own online journal;
  • You can easily publish your conference proceedings.


  • Bijenhouden. A complete archive of the professional journal Bijenhouden (Beekeeping).
  • ODjAR (Open Data Journal for Agricultural Research). A central hub for storing and publishing datasets.

Would you like to know more?

Please contact:

Jacquelijn Ringersma, product manager

Wageningen University & Research - Library