KTI lunch-time seminar

Critic meets authors: Dvora Yanow in conversation with Sietze Vellema and Kees Jansen about their paper ‘What is Technography?', dealing with technography, ethnography, realism and constructivism.

In this special-format seminar, Dvora Yanow will pose some critical questions about technography and technographic methods, inspired by her own exploration of ‘marked ethnographies’ – a term she employs when ethnographic methods are applied to the investigation of issues or problems, beyond the disciplinary boundaries of anthropology.  Sietze Vellema and Kees Jansen will explain and elaborate on the technographic approach and how they position it within the methodology of social science research.  There will be an open discussion.

This seminar will provide an arena for CPT members to get to know a set of concepts and ideas often invoked by members of the former TAD group, and to discuss the research approach and agenda of the CPT cluster.