Krijn Poppe has been appointed Officer in the Order of Oranje Nassau

Published on
November 4, 2020

Wageningen University & Reseach congratulates Krijn Poppe on his distinction with pride and admiration. Mayor Han Weber adressed Krijn on 4 November during his digital farewell symposium. This symposium was organised to mark the departure of Krijn Poppe and his colleague Ruerd Ruben.


Krijn was awarded the royal distinction for his contribution to, and extensive expertise on, the agro-food domain. He has applied himself to this sector with great dedication. He has developed a wealth of knowledge on the agro-food domain both in the Netherlands and in Europe.

Krijn built his international network from 1980. With it, he contributed significantly to the international reputation of Wageningen University & Research. Moreover, he held numerous ancillary positions and was one of the co-founders of the EAAE, the European Association of Agricultural Economists.

Krijn had a significant influence on policy development towards a more sustainable agro-sector, both in terms of environment and economy, in the Netherlands and Europe. The insight and knowledge he actively contributed to Dutch and European governance and the business sector have added to the development of relevant economic systems engineering knowledge and its application in regional and national policy.

Based on solid analysis, monitoring and data, vision and the synthesis thereof, much policy advice was formulated and implemented. This contributed to the development of a more sustainable agro-sector both from an environmental and economic perspective. This is one of the reasons the Netherlands is still a pioneer of monitoring and policy research in the agro-domain.

Krijn Poppe also works as a scientific advisor for the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (Dutch acronym: LNV). In this capacity, he is a figurehead for Wageningen University & Research in policy, sectors and research due to his extensive expertise, experience and insights. Through his achievements, and through his socioeconomic expertise, in particular, he put Wageningen University & Research on the national and international map.

Since 2016 he is also a member of the Council for Living Environment and Infrastructure and a member of advisory committees on the developments in the Dutch national and regional agricultural sectors, including the Provincial Advisory Council for Living Environment.