Living Lab Kenya: Nakuru

REFOOTURE is setting up a living lab in the Nakuru region in Kenya.

Nakuru County is a very dynamic agricultural region that combines a huge potential for improving agricultural productivity and cross-sectoral collaboration with tourists, energy, water, forestry and transport sectors. Fishermen, smallholders, cattle farmers and many more are producing food for people in the county and beyond. Located close to Nairobi, the county is in an excellent position to attract entrepreneurs that can process the food into new, high quality food products for different market segments. The strategic location of Egerton University in the region, with strong knowledge on sustainable solutions for farm productivity, is a valuable asset.

The living lab explores pathways to transform the food system to become more inclusive and in harmony with the environment. Nakuru County is a region of increasing numbers of youths and migrants. There is a good opportunity to better integrate the role of women and youth in the food systems. Furthermore, many people‚Äôs livelihood depends directly or indirectly from the quality of the environment, like the fishermen, the people working in tourism and smallholder farmers.     

The region harbors already some very interesting regenerative and inclusive farming practices. There is much to learn from it and we are engaged in the dialogues to explore how the living lab can be positioned to enable these and new practices to play a role in the food system transformation.