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Lukas - Adaptics

''My job is very diverse and I am active in all the processes as described above!''

Thanks to my master thesis in which I was busy with health management within small businesses, I got in contact with my current employer: Adaptics.

My job fully meets my expectations.

This organisation  focusses on prevention within businesses. The aim is to improve health and thereby increase the performance of the employees. The organisation is busy with making health policy, developing interventions and the implementation of interventions.

An important part within Adaptics is the so called Healthbus (in Dutch the Gezondheidsbus). This is a bus that performs digital tests and measures. As a result of the tests, the employees get to know their health status. These results are presented at group level towards the management of the company and recommendations are given. 

Together with the management of the company, we will look at the possibilities and make a tailor-made plan. After a period of one year, together with the implementation of different interventions, the staff gets an offer for a second health test. Then, the differences between the tests at individual and group-level are mapped.

Right now, I work for several years with Adaptics, and the job fully meets my expectations. It is a young and dynamic company in which a lot of consultation takes place. There are enough possibilities in order to develop yourself in the direction of your choice. My job is very diverse and I am active in all the processes as described above!

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