Mining reform and gender in eastern and southeastern DRC

This PhD research aims to gain a better insight into the multiple ways women are living, working and organizing their daily lives in the mining areas of South Kivu and North Katanga whilst being faced with several changes and challenges brought about by a host of recently introduced mining reform initiatives.

The empirical data for this research will be collected during 18 months of fieldwork in the provinces of South Kivu and North Katanga. I use a multi-sited approach and combine both qualitative (semi-structured and in-depth interviews, participant observation, focus groups) and quantitative (surveys) research techniques. My research is meant to feed into the academic debates on globalization and informal economic activities, mining and gender, and, finally, the positions and roles of women in post-conflict reconstruction and development.

Supervisors: Dorothea Hilhorst, Gemma van der Haar, Jeroen Cuvelier