Month of Education - Finals Student Challenge 'Design the Ultimate Urban Greenhouse'

What does the greenhouse of the future look like? During the first Wageningen Student Challenge, 23 (international) Student teams with students from over 30 universities will each work on a ground-breaking design for sustainable food production in an urban setting (urban greenhouse). The role of local food production continues to grow within cities. The sector is open to new developments. In the Netherlands, more and more initiatives are appearing in this sphere.

Organised by 100 years WUR

Tue 28 August 2018

Venue Orion, building number 103

During the Student Challenge, students from over 30 universities will take on the challenge of developing a sustainable greenhouse. At the presentation, an example of it will be displayed using a scale model, virtual tour and/or app with which residents can monitor local food production. The involvement of local residents is particularly important.

The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale is a whole day in the context of sustainability. Kicking off with the symposium: ‘Urban greenhouses and the Future of Food’. During the lunch time Designers Market you may use your vote for the audience award. And at the Grand Finale all teams will pitch their ideas, led by host Tracy Metz and jurors Aart Oxenaar, Beatrix Alsanius, Nona Yehia, Jago van Bergen and Michiel Klompenhouwer.

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Ticket prices:

Students: €5
Professionals: €15

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