New e-learning modules on Information Literacy

Published on
September 23, 2013

The Library developed new modules for Information Literacy, which are now also available online.

During the last few months the library's worked hard to develop new e-learning modules for Information Literacy. An important starting point was to really activate students; by doing exercises and answering questions they must be able to learn to apply the theory of information literacy in practice.

Each module is based on a different situation. Module 1 is about document types, and finding the full-text of a publication. In the second module we teach students how to perform a structured literature search. Here we also make students think about their own topic that they are working on. In module 3 the evaluation of the results is discussed, and also citing and publishing.

Module 1: Locate and access the information you need
Module 2: Finding information for your research project
Module 3: Evaluating, citing and publishing information