New garden architecture collections in database TUiN

Published on
December 9, 2016

Several collections of influential Dutch garden and landscape architects were added to the database TUiN (GARDEN database).

The work of several garden and landscape architects was recently added to the database TUiN. Designs and other documentation of the following garden and landscape architects were described:

  • Samuel Voorhoeve (1880 -1948)
  • Hugo Poortman (1858-1953)
  • Dirk Tersteeg (1876-1942)
  • Jan Bijhouwer (1898-1974)
  • de familie Vroom (1846-1958)
  • Wim Boer (1922-2000)
  • Ellen Brandes (1928-2008)

The objects in the database differ in scale, date, style and nature. The following are some examples of the objects:

A large part of the collection TUiN is now available via the free online database. But, more material is available in print. If you need help or if you want more information on the garden and landscape collection, please contact us. All original documents can be used in the reading room of Special Collections.