New presentation Wageningen UR’s Staff Publications

Published on
December 9, 2013

On 17 December, the new version of Staff Publications, formerly WaY, will be launched. This new version of Staff Publications is a 'state-of-the-art' search and reporting tool that can create overviews at the personal and group level.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the Library has already implemented a few small changes in the existing database. For instance, the author’s photo from We@WUR is also now displayed next to a publication’s title. If you click on the photo, that author’s publication list will appear. A graph will be added to each chair group’s and each researcher’s start page.

The new presentation of Staff Publications can be seen at (from December 17th !). Staff members will also see a link to an overview of their publications in My Library.

We@WUR is also changing a bit. The link to the Wageningen UR Publication List has been changed into a link to a graph showing per year the number of publications for the group.