Glutenvrije producten van haver

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Oats with a gluten-free guarantee

One to three percent of all Dutchmen is intolerant to gluten in wheat, barley and rye. These gluten do not occur in oats, which means that oats can be used to create safe products for people with celiac disease, as long as those oats have not been contaminated with other gluten-containing grains.

This is why scientists at Wageningen UR have set up a gluten-free oat production chain, a chain in which the companies check for gluten before the product reaches the customers. This is how Wageningen UR contributes to improving the quality of life.

Luud Gilissen
Oats are healthy, nutritious and sustainable north-European cereal grains that can be eaten by humans and animals. They contain unique dietary fibers that lower cholesterol and digest slowly (beneficial for people with diabetes and obesity), and can be eaten by people who suffer from celiac disease. The Dutch Oat Chain can now offer oats that have a gluten-free guarantee.
Luud Gilissen is Senior Researcher at Wageningen UR Plant Research International, he promotes the production and consumption of oats

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