Online Introduction Day for new WUR employees

On behalf of the Executive Board we would like to invite you to the Online Introduction Day for new WUR employees.

During these two days, you will be welcomed by a member of the Executive Board, meet other new colleagues, get acquainted with our organization culture and value as well as come across with practical information. Although it is difficult to meet each other physically on the campus, we would like to take every opportunity to let our new employees meet each other and be welcomed.

The Introduction Days are organized every two months to welcome all new WUR employees. Please find below the dates for the upcoming events and register accordingly based on your schedule.

Programme of 21 and 22 September 2021

Tuesday 21 September

10:00-10:30 Welcome by a member of the Executive Board

10:30-11:15 Wageningen Education System

11:15-12:45 1Workshop: Where do we stand on the culture dimension? (I)

BREAK - Lunchtime

14:00-14:30 Value Creation: Wageningen Campus Connecting Society

14:15-15:45 2Workshop: Where do we stand on the culture dimension? (II)

1,2 Due to a maximum of 25 participants allowed for each workshop, Workshop (I) and (II) are the same. Please just register for one.   

Wednesday 22 September

10:00-10:30 Wageningen Research Investment Themes

10:30-12:00 Information market

BREAK - Lunchtime

13:00-13:45 WURking under Covid 19 and remote working

13.50-14.30 Safe and healthy working environment

14:30-15:30 Meet your collegues of your Sciences Group / FS / CS

Please register before 13 September 2021!



Due to a maximum of 25 participants allowed for each workshop, Workshop (a) and (b) are the same

Details of all Introduction Day sessions:

Welcome by a member of the Executive Board

One of the members of the Executive Board will welcome you in person, tell you something about WUR and what we are all working for, and mostly importantly, how can we work to find answers together.

Value creation: Wageningen Campus Connecting Society

In this session, Business Developer Wageningen Campus Anne Mensink will explain how WUR is creating values for and with the society using the Wageningen campus as the knowledge base and connection centre.

Wageningen Education Ecosystem

In this session, Dean of Education Prof. Arnold Bregt will introduce the complete ecosystem of WUR education, and how it is organised regarding some main components (e.g. degree program, professional education), as well as sharing with you some current developments.

Workshop: Where do we stand on culture dimension?

In this interactive workshop, you will be discussing with your colleagues about how different and similar we are. To optimise the interaction of the workshop, a maximum of 25 participants are allowed for each workshop.

Outline of the workshop:

  • All that we share
  • Culture is...
  • Cultural dimensions- walk the lines
  • Direct or indirect feedback
  • Scheduling- linear time vs. flexible time
  • Egalitarian or hierarchical
  • Takeaway and wrap-up

Wageningen Research Investment Themes

Policy Officer in Corporate Strategy & Accounts Mieke de Wit will introduce how WUR is working together to find answers to the global challenges we are facing. The WUR investment themes demonstrates the importance and the strength of multidisciplinary collaboration. How would your expertise fits in these themes?

WURking under Covid-19 and remote working

Under the current situation of Covid-19, working is different, especially for new employees. This can be very difficult because you cannot meet your new colleagues in person, you can not feel your office desk or taste the coffee in the campus. Project Manager Vivianne Cleiren will tell you a bit about how are we dealing with the situation and what to be expected regarding remote working.

Information market

Different organisations (such as WUR library, Wageningen Into’ Languages, Youg WUR etc. ) of WUR will give a short pitch about who are they and what do they do. Then participants can entre different breakout rooms for more information and interactions. It is recommended to invite your partners to join this part, so that they will get to know more social activities and cultural organizations.

Safe and healthy working environment

Safety of our employees, both physically and mentally, would always be the top priority in our organization. Occupational Health and Environment Expert Hendrik-Jan Hanning will introduce how are we working to reach this goal. Especially under the Covid-19 situation, what can we do for you to keep up with happy and safe work?

A drink with your Sciences Group

The working base for us all is the Sciences Group and the department we are in. During this session, you will be welcomed back by someone from your Sciences Group. Just grab a drink or a coffee, get to know your close colleagues, talk about what are you experiencing and what to expect.