Opening Academic Year 2022-2023 Planetary Boundaries

Global warming, biodiversity under pressure and imbalance in our nitrogen cycle: these are just a few examples that show that the earth is cracking under the pressure we impose on it. We must intervene and balance the growing world population with the limits of our planet.

In Wageningen we are aware of this urgency, thousands of scientists are working on parts of the solution. The challenges we face know no geographic boundaries, requiring science and society to work together to find answers for our planet, across disciplines. Education and dialogue play a central role in this.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Mon 5 September 2022 16:00 to 17:30

Venue Omnia

Join us for this year’s celebration of the opening of the Academic Year 2022-2023

The Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research cordially invites you to join this year’s celebration of the opening of the Academic Year 2022-2023, hosted by Sjoukje Heimovaara, our newly appointed President of the Executive Board.

This year’s theme is: Planetary Boundaries

At the opening of our academic year, three scientists from Wageningen will address the theme planetary boundaries. Talking about research on agriculture, the social aspects of the food system and the driving forces behind transitions and tipping points. Our three scientists will share their ideas and vision on what is needed and what is possible. They will show how different disciplines and generations work together in Wageningen, in Europe, and across the globe.

How to register?

This year’s ceremony will be a hybrid event. A limited number of guests can be present in Omnia at Wageningen Campus. Therefore, please indicate on the registration form how you would like to participate: on location or online. You will hear from us by the end of August regarding your participation in the ceremony.