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Options for studying abroad

What are the options?

  • You can join in an exchange programme. Wageningen University has access to an extensive network of partner universities in Europe and North-America via the EU Erasmus LLP-programme and Euroleague. Opportunities vary from doing some subjects or following a summer course to going abroad for larger study elements.
  • There are opportunities for following a so-called double degree-programme. Wageningen University has agreed on some specific programmes with a number of European universities. If you opt for a double degree at one or more international universities, it is possible that you finish your Wageningen programme with a Dutch ├ánd an international diploma.
  • Wageningen University has close relations with partners outside of Europe, as well. There are also possibilities to study in South-America or Russia (Erasmus Mundus). In every continent there are a number of bilateral contacts. If you would like to find a place at one of these organisations, these relations are a good starting point to arrange your personal programme.
  • You can join a summer school, international workshop or conference.
  • You can also opt for an internship. For this element it is wise to contact the chair group of your choice. Internships are tailor-made. The chair group can assist you in finding the right combination of scientific elements and your preferred world region.