PAP co-organiser of MOPAN 2012 conference, 2-4 July 2012

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June 20, 2012
19th Annual Conference on Multi-Organisational Partnerships, Alliances and Networks

2-4 July 2012, Wageningen, the Netherlands

MOPAN 2012 is organized jointly by

The organizing committee consists of Art Dewulf, Severine van Bommel, Herman Brouwer, Katrien Termeer, Noelle Aarts, Simone van Vugt and Jim Woodhill.

The organizational support team consists of Maarit Junnikkala, Vera Mentzel and Ingrid Poolman.

This conference brings together scholars and practitioners interested in partnerships, alliances and networks between business organizations, civil society organizations and government organizations. This includes public-private partnerships, multi-stakeholder-platforms, business-ngo partnerships, corporate social responsibility, collaborative governance, interactive policy-making, network management, supply chain partnerships, R&D partnerships and business alliances.

Confirmed keynote speeches:

Prof. Barbara Gray: 'Constructing collaboratieve partnerships: coping with scope, scale, serendipity and sabotage.'

Prof. Rob van Tulder: 'The increasing importance of effective Partnership Portfolio Management. A new area of management studies.'

Steve Waddell, MBA, PH.D.: 'Design guidelines to address global challenges: lessons from Global Action Networks.'