Paul van den Brink chosen as SETAC president

Published on
February 15, 2011

Paul van den Brink (researcher at Alterra, Wageningen UR) has been chosen as the new president of the World Council of SETAC, the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.


SETAC is a global non-profit organization with 5,300 members, all of whom are professionals involved in research, education and management linked to solving environmental problems in the natural environment and the use of natural resources.

Van den Brink has served as president of SETAC's European branch since June 2008. In addition, he was vice president of the SETAC World Council. His election is in part a recognition of the pioneering work of Alterra's Environmental Risk Assessment team and the Wageningen University Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management research group, in which he has been active in research on the effects and risks of chemical substances in the environment. Theo Brock, also of the Alterra Environmental Risk Assessment team, was previously president of SETAC Europe. Other members of both teams are active in SETAC as well.

Van den Brink, who is also professor of chemical stress ecology, has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters since 1994. Two of these were recognized with international awards. Van den Brink is an innovative researcher who is highly regarded internationally. His substantial productivity has enabled him to make a significant impact both within the Netherlands and abroad. For the 2006 SETAC Innovative Science Award he received €100,000 in research funds. Paul van den Brink also is at the Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management Group of Wageningen University.