Press release

Plan Analysis 9th Eo Wijers Regional Design Competition

Published on
February 6, 2013

Title: 9e Eo Wijersprijsvraag 2011-2012, Nieuwe energie voor de Veenkoloniën, op zoek naar regionale comfortzones, Plananalyse (only available in Dutch)

Authors: Annet Kempenaar, Renée de Waal and Adri van den Brink

Published: November 2012

The 9th Eo Wijersprijsvraag produced a unique and, compared to the previous editions, a-typical set of entries. The majority of the entries didn’t include a substantive regional design for De Veenkoloniën. Inspired by the assignment to deliver a ‘method for sustainable value creation’ most of the entries showed ‘building blocks’, ‘principle solutions’ or examples to be used in a collaborative design and development process.

The analysis of the 36 entries for the 9th Eo Wijers competition (2011-2012) is published online by the Eo Wijers foundation. This edition focused on shrinkage and energy transition in De Veenkoloniën. The Landscape Architecture group of Wageningen UR was asked to perform the analysis.

Download the pdf on the Eo Weijers website