Plantalyzer harvest forecasting robot is ready for practice

Published on
October 14, 2020

The Plantalyzer harvest prediction robot drives autonomously through the greenhouse and takes targeted photos of the tomatoes. Vision software and algorithms assess the fruit for ripeness and translate the images into a reliable and accurate harvest forecast.

Berg Hortimotive Group has transferred the first series of Plantalyzer harvest prediction robots for tomatoes to Royal Brinkman. The transfer of the Plantalyzer harvest forecast robot to Royal Brinkman marks the provisional conclusion of four years of development work by Berg Hortimotive and HortiKey. They received support from Wageningen University & Research, and growers from Prominent and the Roots Growers nursery.

Ingeneous interaction

The ingenuity of the Plantalyzer lies in the interaction between hardware and intelligent software. A measurement protocol has been developed for reliable, random data collection and photographs are taken at 3 different heights to be able to monitor crop and fruit development over time. Phenotyping software identifies and classifies trusses and fruits by ripeness. The data then goes to, where, in combination with other crop and climate data, a progressive harvest forecast is compiled for the next 4 weeks.


The first five robots will soon find their way to the market and the next series is already being built. It was expected that mainly Dutch and Belgian companies would be interested. There is, but there is also serious interest in Mexico, North America and Russia, among others.