Populating the Benchmarking Atlas

Ten individual research projects (PhD and DLO projects) from the IPOP programme and several other, related projects (in particular the Global Yield Gap Atlas project for Sub-Saharan African and South Asia funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) will develop methods and data to benchmark different aspects of agricultural systems around the globe.

Project A2 of the IPOP programme will develop the spatial framework of the Atlas, the visualisation tool and the common database of the programme. Project A0 will be responsible for the population of the database and Atlas with the methods and data from the various projects. This requires close collaboration with the A2 project (activity 3). A second aim of the A0 project will be to populate the Atlas with a crop yield gap analysis for Europe, for the main cereals.

For maximum synergy within the IPOP program and to reduce the task burden of the IPOP co-leaders, some of the coordination and communication activities are integrated with the A0-project.

Main objectives

  • To populate the Benchmarking Atlas with data from the various projects of the IPOP programme as well as associated projects;
  • Perform a European yield gap analysis for the major cereal crops in a collaborative effort with some European partners to secure a fast track population of the Atlas;
  • Ensuring maximum synergy and collaboration between the projects, through organizing regular workshops and bilateral meetings.
  • Contributing to the dissemination of the IPOP programme through a contribution to scientific conference Global Food Security (September 29 – October 2, 2013).