(Post)-War and Youth Transition in Lango Sub-Region and Culture, Northern Uganda

This PhD research will focus on youth (re)integration in post conflict contexts. The study’s aim is to investigate male and female youths’ attempts to transition into adulthood after war in the Lango sub-region of northern Uganda. The study emphasizes the social (re)integration of youth into their families and societies after armed conflict.

The study will be conducted in Lango sub region, northern Uganda. The study proposes to use ethnographic methods. Transition into adulthood is a process embedded in the social cultural norms, values and practices; thus best experienced by observing and talking with youth in their daily lives: work, family and social sites. By studying youths’ attempts to navigate this transition, the study aims to contribute to the an understanding of the production of social meaning and consequences for youths’ livelihood, education, and economic options and strategies.

Supervisors: Dorothea Hilhorst, Dyan Mazurana