Public Spaces Action Research Event in Amsterdam

In this action-research event that is organised with the European Association of Planning Schools and the Advanced Metropolitan Solutions institute in Amsterdam, we address issues around public spaces in Amsterdam. Along five thematic routes we will engage in dialogues with people on specific places in the city. The event presents an alternative formula to traditional scientific conferences - rather than having a series of paper presentations, the participants will use their research and daily experiences to reflect on and discuss what they see and experience on their routes.

Organised by Europese Planning Associatie AESOP & Amsterdam instituut voor Advanced Metropolitan Solutions AMS

Thu 28 June 2018 until Sat 30 June 2018

Venue Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) Institute: Mauritskade 62, 1092 AD Amsterdam

How can public spaces remain truly public, a source of creativity for everyone, whilst safeguarding vulnerable elements and encouraging people to meet with one another? We will discuss a variety of themes: circular area development, the roles of informal bottom-up initiatives, densification strategies, creative hubs of sports and play and culture, urban nature and agriculture, and the dilemmas of tourism.

The event is connected to student projects and a WASS/SENSE summer school for PhDs. Eventually, the event will deliver an alternative city guide that should be the overture to continued conversations and joint projects, and that also renders lessons and food for debate for other cities and their public spaces.

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