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Quality measurement for agricultural products

How does humidity influence produce? What do ethyleneconcentrations say about ripeness? Are these the correct CA conditions?

Questions such as these can be answered with out extensive capacity for testing and measuring produce properties. Our routine work includes:

  • measuring respiration rate (oxygen and CO2 production)
  • ethylene and ethanol sampling: some products are sensitive to ethylene production and require regular checking. Ethanol is a marker for (unwanted) fermentation. Gas composition analysis is possible through chromatography and samples may be sent by mail.
  • gas composition analysis in CA cells (storage conditions and safety)
  • determining moisture loss potential
  • determining firmness (automated penetrometer)
  • finding sugar content produce
  • measuring and logging temperature and relative humidity in produce or facilities
  • measuring starch content
  • measuring acidity

Depending on the demands and research questions you want answered, we opt for specific measurement techniques, or may develop new ones as required. We have access to a rich assortment of apparatus and expertise within Wageningen UR. For scoring physiological discrepancies we generally design our own indices, often based on classes with a colour chart. Computer colour/image assessment is also possible.